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Academic TutoringOver a decade of teaching experience supporting your child

At some point, nearly all students need a bit of extra support. Finding the right tutor can be difficult, and equally finding the right time to meet with them.

All of our individual tuition sessions start with an personal assessment of student needs, and then we create a targeted plan to support them reach their goals.

We use various software packages to make the whole process as effective as possible, and we work to find times that work with your schedule. As everything is online, you don’t need to worry about racing across town. You just need a quiet space, computer/tablet/phone and internet access.

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How It Works

1) Contact us to discuss your child's educational needs:

We will discuss our process, and work to put together a plan of support for you child. .

2) We tap into our network

We work to match your child with a tutor who is ideally suited to support them.

3) We will send you a Skype or Zoom link in advance of any tutoring session:

To make the process as easy as possible, we will send you a Skype link to use. Just click on this link when you are meant to have your lesson.

4) We follow up:

We want to make sure you child is making progress and is a success. So our tutors provide an update following every lesson so you can track their progress.

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Why Choose Capstone Academic

Run by Oxbridge educated teachers.

Over a decade of experience.

Commitment to support every student.

Clear and competitive fees, we don’t gouge.

We don’t overbook spaces, all students get proper support.

Ready to support you every step of the way.

DBS checked.

We currently have tutor availability for:

GCSE History
IGCSE History
A-Level History
A-Level Politics
IB History
IB Global Politics
IB Extended Essay

Other subject areas

If you have a specific topic area you are looking for a tutor in, get in touch. We will do our best using our contacts to find your child the right tutor.

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Why Capstone Academic is different


Capstone Academic provides guidance every step of the way. We are only successful if our students are successful.


Our tutors are highly educated, at some of the best universities in the world. Plus we invest in ongoing training of our tutor.


We frequently innovate with technology to better support our students, and keep parents updated with their progress.


Our tutors have spent years in education, successfully supporting hundreds of students.